Fiancé Visa Interview Questions

Towards the end of the fiancé visa process, the alien beneficiary will be required to attend a formal interview, the purpose of which is to better ascertain the fiancé’s relationship to their prospective spouse. The interview generally lasts no more than ten minutes, however the scope of questions can vary widely.

The alien fiancé is expected to answer five to ten questions honestly and concisely, with as little discrepancy as possible. The officer will use strict interview procedure, so it’s best to come prepared for what to expect.

List of Most Common Fiancé Visa Interview Questions

While it hard to predict the exact questions that will be asked during the interview, a few questions that often come up include the following:

1. What is your fiancé’s (full) name?

This is obvious, however it is worth noting you should be able pronounce your fiancé’s full name in the dialect it is normally spoken, correctly, with little to no difficulty.

2. What are your fiancé’s hobbies and interest?

Knowing what your fiancé finds interesting or what he or she does for fun is a standard question for assessing how well you know each other. Think about what they talk about or do when they are not working. Or consider what they enjoy doing in their free time.

3. What does your fiancé do for a living?

Happy couple that just got engagedIn contrast to knowing what your fiancé does for fun, it is also expected that you know their profession. This is fairly straightforward question, just be sure to elaborate. Use anecdotes, describe how the job makes them feel, or explain how they ended up working in that specific field or role.

4. What are your fiancé’s parents names?

Knowing the names of the people whom your future spouse is most close to is a common question for discerning mutual connection. Like knowing your fiancé’s name, be sure to enunciate the names to the best of your ability, and say it in a natural way.

5. What make/model/color is your fiancé’s car?

This is also a standard question, however a little more creative. If the answer doesn’t immediately come to mind while reading it now, it is probably worth asking your fiancé and memorizing now.

6. Do you have wedding plans?

Most pre-married couples have wedding plans, or a very least have discussed them at length. If asked this question, focus on what you are going to do before or after the wedding, and how and where the wedding is going to take place. If you don’t have concrete wedding plans, talk about what the two of you have talked about doing in the past.

7. Where and how did you meet your fiancé?

Knowing where and how you met the person you a going to marry is a common story that many couples tend to cherish and enjoy recalling. Thus, it should come as no surprise it is a frequently occurring question in fiancé interviews. Be sure to include the specifics; the day and time, the weather, what you were doing prior to meeting, how he or she initially made you feel, and what you did in chronological order.

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Man being interviewed for a fiancé visaFor a comprehensive guide to all possible fiancé visa interview questions or concerns, consider contacting the immigration attorney’s at Johnson & Masumi. They will do whatever it takes to provide you with the assurance and information you deserve.

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